Crohn’s Disease Complications

According to an estimate, around 2 million people in the US suffer from different types of Crohn’s Disease as well as ulcerative colitis which is a sister disease. It has been named after the physicist who first discovered it. It is an inflammatory disease related to digestive system. This disease causes ulcerative colitis in small […]

Crohn’s Disease – An autoimmune disorder

Like AIDS and many different types of cancer, autoimmune diseases are also tarnished since they are hard to diagnose, have very expensive treatment and ironically the treatment only works on suppressing the symptoms rather than curing the disease hence there is very low success rate even after taking expensive pills and painful procedures. In a […]

What is National Cancer Survivors Day

When is cancer survivors day? National cancer survivors day is celebrated in the first week of June and it is a holiday. The day is celebrated mainly in the United States of America but now it is spreading all over the world. National cancer survivors day history National cancer survivors day event was introduced by […]

What is breast cancer awareness month?

Breast cancer awareness month Throughout the world the oncology related organizations observe October as the breast cancer awareness month. The new breast cancer awareness day is organized on every fourth Monday of the month October. The reason behind this day is to make as many women aware about breast cancer as they can. Now this […]

Learn world cancer day history

World cancer day history Cancer is a problem which is taking over the world slowly and gradually without even anybody getting to know about it much when it starts happening. You should know that cancer is a silent killer and most of the time when people are actually suffering from it they don’t even know […]

WHO role in world cancer day

Role of world health organization (WHO) in world cancer day World health organization (WHO) is a name not very new to use and it has been regarded as one of the most leading organizations and affiliations that are working in their prospectuses creating multiple examples of success and positivism among the people. World health organization […]

Importance of cancer day for patients

One from most important cancer day for patients happens in February. World cancer day is one of the days in which people realize the importance and significance of the ailment and it is the date at which the entire world and the nations from all across the globe on a single mission that is to […]

Some tips for national cancer day

World cancer day outcomes National cancer day is organized by the organizations such as international union against this deadly disease and worldwide health organization against the protest and prevention of it and its epidemic conditions and the outcomes one has to face regarding the side effects. Cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths […]

What is Cancer Day exactly?

National cancer day Cancer has been an ailment for too long and there are many things a person could do or have to make it go away. Scientists are still researching different options and considerations to deal with it and they have gotten success in the matter as well but still for more complicated cases […]

Celebrating World Cancer Day

Every year, millions upon millions of individuals all around the world suffer from the often fatal affects of cancer. In order to bring attention to this devastating disease, a yearly event, known as World Cancer Day, has been organized, which not only brings awareness to the disease, but also aids in its’ prevention, treatment, and […]