World cancer day 2012

Every year, millions upon millions of individuals all around the world suffer from the often fatal affects of cancer. In order to bring attention to this devastating disease, a yearly event, known as World Cancer Day, has been organized, which not only brings awareness to the disease, but also aids in its’ prevention, treatment, and future cure.

When is world cancer day? The event is currently held every February 4th, and is typically accompanied by a variety of symbols and keynote events to highlight this special day.

This article aims to provide a better understanding of World Cancer Day, as well as to encourage participation of this beneficial, yearly event.

What is World Cancer Day?

Many people, although familiar with this event often wonder exactly what World Cancer Day is. World Cancer Day is a yearly event celebrated around the world, typically on February 4th, to bring much needed attention and awareness to this deadly disease.

Seeing as this event is acknowledged around the world, the goal is to inform participants of methods and strategies to prevent cancer, detect it early, and even treat it, preferably in its’ earliest stages.

Participants of this beneficial, yearly event often celebrate and acknowledge World Cancer Day in a variety of ways.

How is World Cancer Day Celebrated & Acknowledged?

World Cancer Day is celebrated worldwide and acknowledged in a variety of ways. Various symbols, including pink ribbons, are often used to symbolize breast cancer awareness and “mark” individuals choosing to participate and acknowledge this day.

Local businesses, governments, and even non-profits often collaborate on this day to bring cancer awareness to those within the community. Also, various advertisements, such as radio, online, and television ads can often be seen, further promoting cancer awareness.

In addition to various advertisements, many popular and unpopular keynote speakers can be found at dinners, luncheons, and even breakfasts to spread the need for awareness of this devastating disease.

Although World Cancer Day is not a public holiday, but rather a event of global observance, most countries use this date as an opportunity to promote campaigns highlighting a variety of issues associated with this disease.

A majority of the focus during this day of global observance is dedicated to not only awareness, but more importantly, risk reduction.

World Cancer Day and this deadly disease

It is the leading cause of deaths worldwide, and therefore world cancer day aims to address this destructive disease, while also providing information on ways to prevent, detect and even treat it.

During this time, organizations, such as the World Cancer Campaign, push for alliances between health-care professionals, oncology patients, governments, and even cancer researchers, all to collectively “fight” cancer.

A world cancer day tomorrow recent study stated that over 84 million individuals will die from this disease between 2005 and 2015, and therefore intervention and cancer awareness is mandatory!

Despite the destructive affects of this disease, World Cancer Day is a global date of observance to bring much need attention and awareness to a disease that kills multiple-millions of individuals every year.

Through a variety of methods, such as wearing pink and orange ribbons, as well as daffodils, participants of this beneficial day focus on cancer prevention, detection, and early treatment.

With this idea in mind, participation is heavily encouraged and viewed as a personal obligation to aid and sustain the health of all mankind.

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