Many peoples asking us when is world cancer day. This event is observed worldwide on fourth of February of every year. On this day, people are given knowledge about the different types of cancers that are now common these days, how to detect, avert, treat them and latest facts about cancers. The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) holds events on this day in different parts of the world to increase the awareness about cancer and its types.

This union is present in more than hundred countries of the globe and it communicates the public through media, speaking sessions, radio, on different health related events, etc.

International cancer day

cancer ribbon colors for world cancer awareness day

The Worldwide Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations also collaborates with the UICC to observe the world health day event. On this day the oncologists and all the medical specialists come together and tell the people what progress they have done and are doing to treat the different types of cancers, give knowledge on how to detect and prevent the breast cancer symptoms in your body, the new discoveries that help in this regard.

Them also demonstrate and give evidences on how to control cancer from spreading all over your body and what care should be taken by the people to prevent this disease.

On the other hand, on this events on national cancer awareness day, they tell people how they are expanding their network worldwide, how they are making their health systems strong, what new technologies they have come up with to fasten the treatments and the amount of specialists they have working in this field.

The personnel who are involved in organizing this event have the aim to save the lives of as many people as they can. Cancer is a deadly and painful disease, and every person should have knowledge about it.

Not only do they provide education on this day but they also pressurize the governmental agencies of different countries to take more preventive measures and enhance and install new technologies in the hospitals of their countries to treat the oncology patients over there.

It is a very important event and everyone whether they are prone to cancer or not should take part in it so that they become informed about the issues related to this disease and pass it on to the others.

Here is video from previous world cancer day 2012 from Doctor Phillip Salem. This event happens worldwide and at our forums you can connect with other peoples at world cancer day 2013 and meet them.

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