Symptoms of cervical cancer to look out for

Cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of female deaths within the country besides breast cancer or blood cancer and the number of patients increases consistently on everyday basis. The situation that it has caused within the health of individuals is really alarming and consequential which is why one should know the information related […]

Risk factors for breast cancer disease

There are many risk factors for breast cancer. The risk factor is described as fact and figures that affect the chances of getting breast cancer. Some breast cancer risk factors are controllable whereas some are uncontrollable. Controllable risk factors are those which can be managed by a person such as smoking, drinking, diet, unhealthy lifestyle, […]

Lung cancer facts and information

Lung cancer is a kind of diseases which has no treatment and as much as we would like to get rid of it, it is spreading by all means everywhere into the globe affecting millions or not thousands of people every now and then. Important lung cancer facts The reason why cancer develops in a […]

Cervical Cancer Prevention Ways

One of the most prevailing forms of cancer these days is cervical cancer because in most of the cases, there is nothing which people and in particular women do to take care of it and even prevent it in the manner they should. Cervical cancer is extremely daunting and challenging in a manner that the […]

Breast cancer facts and figures

What is breast cancer? It one from basic breast cancer facts – when the cells in our body start to grow and multiply abnormally, they become out of control and they form a tumor. Tumors are also of two types; benign and malignant. Benign tumors are the tumors that do not multiply and spread to […]

Lung cancer overview

Lung cancer consequences and outcomes are increasing everyday and at some point someone is getting affect from it in an area. A person should be aware and know about lung cancer because it is really a highlighting type of the cancer forms that exist these days. Lung cancer is diagnosed and known by the fact […]

Possible causes of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is one of the ailments and problems these days that have gotten people wondering about their lifestyle and routine and not just the implementation of it but also the way they have to change it and make it even better and constructive for the rest of the age they have to live for. […]

Symptoms and Signs of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the deadliest cancers that affect many people in the world. This disease is mainly associated with smokers, as smoking is one of the undisputed causes of lung cancer, although not all cases occur in smokers or those who have quitted smoking. Many people who get affected by this disease take […]

Crohn’s disease symptoms and treatment

It really important to know Crohn’s disease symptoms and available treatment methods, since this disease not easy to recognize. In some medical disorders there are no bacteria or viruses involved. Matter of fact there is no external factor that causes such problems but what turns out is that body is harming itself. Such hostile diseases […]

Breast Cancer Tattoos

Modern breast cancer tattoos are one of the creative ways to increase the level of public. It helps the public become aware of and recognize the importance of knowing what breast cancer is and how you should be able to detect it early to survive. They are not only for survivors of the dreaded disease, […]