Modern breast cancer tattoos are one of the creative ways to increase the level of public. It helps the public become aware of and recognize the importance of knowing what breast cancer is and how you should be able to detect it early to survive.

They are not only for survivors of the dreaded disease, but also for everyone who wishes to take part in preventing breast cancer. You can have a tattoo in your body symbolizing how you value the awareness to the disease, and as a form to encourage everyone to value this awareness, too.

The most common design for this tattoos is the pink awareness ribbons. This idea of pink ribbons for cancer awareness originated from the Susan G. Komen Foundation sometime in 1991 as well as with Charlotte Hayley. The Komen foundation distributed pink ribbons to all those who participated the race for survivors of this disease.

On the other hand, cancer survivor Hayley came up with peach ribbons and sold them along with cards the encourage the public to awaken legislators to add budgetary funds for prevention of cancer. Later, the chosen standard color for the ribbons is pink, and the pink ribbons- popular design for this tattoos, became the official symbol of awareness to breast cancer and a lot of products is available now online.

These symbols are relevant to help people realize the need to increase their level of awareness on the disease. This is because survival depends heavily on how early you are able to detect the disease. This disease is curable only if people are aware of detecting it at its early stages.

Sadly, the majority of those who have died from the disease are people who were diagnosed to suffer from the critical stages of this disease or stage 4. They ignore the symptoms and signs and fail to get a diagnosis of their condition during early stages. It is an effective way to encourage people to realize the important of early detection.

If people are aware of the importance of early detection and recognition of the warning signs and symptoms of this disease, there will definitely be an increase in the rate for survivors of this disease. One way to motivate and stimulate the awareness and curiosity of the public is to wear breast cancer tattoos of pink ribbons on the clothes or on your body.

There are several ideas for and variations of the pink ribbon design for this tattoos. You alone can decide the design that you want tattooed on your body and in places where you find it most meaningful.

The bottom line is tattoos can significantly increase the level of awareness of the public to the disease. Whether you are a survivor of breast cancer, or a family that lost a loved one to the disease, or someone who feels to help fight the battle against cancer, the pink ribbon tattoos can help you advance your purpose.

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By Leo Brown

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