Breast cancer awareness month

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Throughout the world the oncology related organizations observe October as the breast cancer awareness month.

The new breast cancer awareness day is organized on every fourth Monday of the month October. The reason behind this day is to make as many women aware about breast cancer as they can. Now this disease has spread a lot and there are still very less women who know about breast cancer. So October is breast cancer awareness month event.

Therefore, this awareness day is necessary to observe around the globe so that women from all parts of world know about this disease. This will help a lot in reducing the death rate of the women who die due to breast cancer.

Mostly, the day is observed through speaking sessions and discussions. Different oncology specialists all the world tell their countries women about breast cancer, how to prevent yourself from it, how to detect it at the early stages and what are the treatments of this disease.

Recently there has been so much research going on, on breast cancer that screening, testing and detection of this disease has become quick and effective. Now there are new treatments available to defeat the breast cancer cells in your body so everybody should know about these things.

With current progress, breast cancer awareness month events is also very important, that is why the oncology research centers, facilitators, hospitals, specialists, doctors, etc take out time from their busy schedule for this event day and gives as much knowledge about this disease and what is going on in the world regarding it as they can.

Worldwide breast cancer awareness month facts

When girls reach their adulthood they should go through mammograms and other screenings so that early symptoms of breast cancer are detected if there are any. Proper and healthy diet should be taken and hygiene should be made the first priority in life.

These are some of the ways through which you can prevent this disease but most women around the world do not know. Therefore, it is very
important to make them aware about these aspects through breast cancer day.

People wear pink ribbons on their clothes or pink bracelets as a sign of breast cancer awareness month. You can carry it everywhere you want. In fact it will be a great idea to carry it everywhere you go in the October so that everyone is reminded or aware that this event is the breast cancer month and they should also take part in this event in some way or another.

We ask you to help that peoples and use some breast cancer awareness products like pink ribbons to show your support to peoples affected by that disease. At breast cancer awareness month you can help, telling all your friends about it.