Breast Cancer Photo

by TipsTimes under CC BY-SA


Breast cancer is one of the most deadly types of cancers that prevail in our society these days and many women have been said to be killed by the consequences and effects of this ailment.

There has been much discoveries and researches done on this form of cancer in the past couple of years taking into consideration how it has affected most of the families and how they have changed different mindsets.

There have been preventions and precautions detailed out for those women who lack information about breast cancer and have no awareness what so ever. Here are some things that you can know about this disease for its recognition.

The most common symptom of this disease could be a lump or a hard mass formation within the tissue of the mammary glands and it is the earliest possible sign. However not all the lumps designate and confirm the presence of breast cancer within the body; these could be benign and harmless as well. Through self examination one can easily check if there is something unusual growing within the area of the breasts and even the armpits.

Usually the infection and lymphatic drainage of breasts is affected in the premature stages of this cancer which is why they enlarge and swell up giving them an appearance of a lump. You should get yourself checked right away if you find something like that for the confirmation of any cancerous cell production. The smaller the lump, the better it would be to treat is as soon as possible.

Dimpling of breast skin is also a really effective way to recognize the presence of this diseae in females. Dimpling is usually the result of edema in the tissues which is basically the accumulation of fluids and several other things causing the pulling effect of the skin. Any spontaneous change in the sensation of the nipple is also a really highlighting sign of breast cancer; retracted, enlarged, scaly or itchy skin forms of the nipple is also common in patients.

A bloody or yellowish green discharge from the nipples is somewhat an indication of cancer production in breasts too and according to statistics, within 4% of the patients this symptom is a clear indication. Redness of breasts skin, warmth and any type of swelling would also help you recognizing the breast cancer signs.