Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

by Hawaii County under CC BY


As the days pass by the risk of cancer and people getting affected by it is increasing and the more you think about it the more people are dying or suffering its consequences than one can imagine.

Cancer prevails in all forms and kinds and there could be tens and fifties of them that have been recognized up till now. Among all the cancer types, ovarian cancer is also included that has been said to prove its influences on women across the globe. This disease is also limited to the females and the affects are really refined and restricted. However one should know about the ovarian cancer stages and how it is approached and spread through the body to know further about its treatment and remedies.

Ovarian cancer has 4 stages that are defined and explained by oncologists up till now and the things that are related with them are also confined and researched upon. Stage 1 being the most primitive and initial one is not really harmful and the treatment is better off achieved successfully but the stage 4 is life threatening and the rates of survival are extremely low and lesser.

In stage 1, there is a presence of borderline tumors which are simply the accumulation of cells that are abnormal and not functional and they are simply dividing to harm the human body organs. Just when they start entering the ovary, the cycle begins and a proper stage is defined and designated.

At this level, the cancer might be present within one single ovary or both depending upon the severity and the effects of hormones and other functional aspects of the body. For stage 1 of the ovarian cancer, it has to be found out if this disease has spread the abdominal area or even the ovarian surface and if it has done so, surgical implementations have to be followed for the removal.

Stage 2 of this disease usually relates to the spread of cancer within regions such as uterus, fallopian tubes or even urinary bladder. In short the whole pelvic region is affected by it causing the tissues of the bladder and rectum to get damaged and accumulated with cancerous cells.

During stage 3 of ovarian cancer, the cancerous cell production leads to abdomen and its organs including the lymphatic system and other connective networks of the body. The growths of tumor become relevantly possible and they tend to grow within their size and shape as well. The size of the abdominal tumor tends to functionally impair the local metabolism and growth of normal cells which leads to stage 4 of this disease ultimately leading to complexities and fatal consequences.

Up to the stage 3 form of cancer, ovarian cancer could be treated off with the help of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.