Surviving Leukemia

by thefixer under CC BY


Leukemia is the condition of the body when white blood cells of the body tend to abnormally increase in production through the bone marrow. The normal production of this blood cells is impaired and the cells that are being produced are not usual either. The production of white blood cells is immature and not functional what so ever.

Bone marrow of the human body is unique in a lot of ways, one being the resource of all the blood cells that circulate within the body readily. All of the white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets result from the bone marrow in their fully matured form and for some reason either hereditarily or abnormally the production of this blood cells within the body is compromised in leukemia.

The most common function of this cells is to defend the body against several viruses and bacteria present in the environment but when these cells are immature and abnormal they divert from their normal functions and tend to affect several other organs of the body to initiate autoimmune procedures and consequences.

Lymphocytes or white blood cells in leukemia being produced in larger amounts can eventually overwhelm and stress out the bone marrow causing it to react abnormally producing even more abnormal cells. Also, the body starts attacking its own systems and tissues eventually as a result of leukemia readily. The lymph nodes, spleen, liver and central nervous system are majorly affected and compromised. Leukemia is the most common yet deadly cancer types because this cancer is not localized and the effects aren’t general and regular.

There are many causes for leukemia to happen. It could be hereditary and derived from one of the genes of the parents of any abnormal activity must have been the reason. Any form of radiation that has possible affected the bone marrow could be the cause. Radiotherapy or chemotherapy could also contribute to the issue more. People who work with substances like benzene or formaldehyde are at a greater risk of getting this form of cancer. Tobacco intake within the body also contributes to the situation more than anything else.

The symptoms of leukemia are generally flue like with headaches, chills and fever. Neurological signs may also appear during the disease. Bone pain and breathing ailments could also be the most highlighting symptoms of the leukemic patient.