Lung Cancer

by jetalone under CC BY


According to estimation in United States, lung cancer has been estimated as the leading killer cancer out of all diseases. The first is the early stage of lung cancer when the cancer has just entered within the bronchi and usually in stage one, the cancer is held up to a specific spot in the organ and later it starts to spread to other parts of the body too.

This disease causes around 100,000 deaths every year and is considered an extremely dangerous type of cancer. It has also been researched that among many other causes, smoking cigarettes is one of the cause that can result in lung cancer and although the rate of deaths is so high each year, yet many people are unaware of this fact that cigarette can cause cancer.

Smoking does not just involve active smoking that is carried on by the smoker but also passive smoking which is the smoke of the smoker inhaled by the people around him.

A patient in stage 1 needs to avoid passive smoking as well. Apart from smoking exposing ourselves to toxins and toxic supplies can also result in lung cancer as the tissues present in bronchi starts to uncoordinated and grow abnormally. However, when the cells start to grow abnormally, tumor is formed in lungs and when there is staging, the cancer spreads form one part to another.

If this disease is detected and treated when it is in first stage, then there are high chances that the cancer can be cured. Usually when the cancer is in stage one, it is quite easy to be detected.

There are many early symptoms of lung cancer like shallow breaths which produce wheezing sounds and pain around the areas of the chest. When this disease starts to develop and stage, chest pain occurs frequently and it is quite intense.

Smoker’s cough is also experienced and is an early sign of detection of lung tumor. The smoker’s cough is a chronic cough and much persistent in nature and there are many kinds of lung cancer that starts to erupt. Pneumonia can also be caused in this stage and this can further enhance the cancer.

There are many treatment options available but they can be possible if the this disease is detected and patient is aware. Chemotherapy is usually a first treatment step.