Colon cancer prevention

by TipsTimes under CC BY-SA


The colon is an organ situated in the large intestine and is about 5 to 6 feet long. About 5 feet of the colon is connected with the rectum and the left over 1 foot makes up the anus.

Colon cancer has become widely spread and especially in United States, where its occurrence is the most common.

According to estimate, it is the third most widely spread type of cancer and can be occurred to both male and female.

It is also known that there are approximately 15000 demises in United States every year caused due to colon cancer. Such numerous deaths caused by this disease have been calculated since 1980.

However, colon cancer prevention is possible and since it is said that “Prevention is better than cure”, so at least a person having chances of cancer should try to taking preventive measures.

Some of colon cancer prevention methods:

  • Colon cleansing is difficult to detect and is detected when the colon has staged. This disease has few symptoms like cramping, thin stools, weigh loss without any reason, and stools with blood. A person having any of these symptoms should consult a doctor.
  • On average, people who are fifty or more years old suffer form colon cancer therefore it is highly advisable that they should get initial screening done every year or six months to ensure they are alright.
  • Sometimes, people having bad diets can also suffer from this disease; the risk is increased if the people always take diets that contain lots of cholesterol, oil and fat. Therefore it is recommended to go for a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, and fiber.
  • A healthy body weight should be maintained and especially people having a broad waist (apple shaped) should take caution and go for preventive measures that includes a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet and lots of exercise.

    According to a research, when a person exercises regularly he reduces the chances of getting colon cancer by 40 percent and also decrease the chances of getting other ailments like diabetes, heart problems etc.

  • Smoking is very much injurious to health and especially for colon as the smoke intake can harm the colon.