Is There Any Chance of Survival?

Breast Cancer Facts

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According to estimate in United States, breast cancer is the most common cancer that can occur in females and also the second most common cancer that can cause demise. The first type of cancer noticed for causing death is the lung cancer and the second common cancer causing deaths is the breast cancer.

This type of cancer usually occurs to women aged 45 to 55 and although it is quite dangerous, yet it is curable and can be treated.

Causes of this disease is still unknown but we able to provide you a list of breast cancer facts and major risk factors.

This disease usually originates from the tissue situated in the breast and the inner lining of the milk ducts. Breast cancer however does not occur only to women but also can result in some males.

There are many types of treatment such as chemotherapy, surgery, hormonal drugs and medicines, radiation and immunotherapy. However, doctors and surgeons advise going for surgery to remove the tumor and when the tumor is removed than the chances of spreading become rare.

The further treatment is done by chemotherapy as it kills he cancer cells that are present but chemotherapy can disrupt a person’s health and can cause weight loss, loss of hair and also digestive problems. Apart from chemotherapy, radiation is also said to kill the cancer cells that are not killed by the chemotherapy.

Radiation has lifelong effects and can cause heart failures and problems in the long run. It not a safe treatment method, but not so much treatment ways exists.

Breast cancer although is not said to have nor reasons yet there are some factors that can trigger the chances of this disease such as history of breast cancer in family, aging and its effects.

Breast biopsy done previously, start of menstruation before the age of twelve and menopause occurring after 50 etc, all these factors can cause breast cancer in women and sometimes too much weight can also cause this type of cancer.

This disease however is curable and treatable in today’s era, whereas previously this cancer was not curable. If the cancer is detected at an early stage, there are high chances that it can be cured and also the person can survive and live a normal life.

Immediate and urgent chemotherapy should be carried and should be done on regular basis. Time is the essence when faced with breast cancer and if there is delay and irregularity in the treatment, then problems might occur.

Chemotherapy is a long tedious procedure and immediate care of the patient should be taken.